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  • how to delete Ask.fm account

    How to Delete Ask.fm Account

    Ask.fm it is a social network that creates an online question-and-answer environment for its users. Coming out of Riga, Latvia, the first international initiative in Latvia Ask.fm it was established in 2010. Its motto is ” ask and answer!” this social networking site is very popular in Turkey as it is all over the world. In our country, there are many users who want to leave this question-and-answer platform, which has millions of users. In this title Ask.fm we will help users who want to delete their accounts. Ask.fm How To Delete An Account? Before you can delete your account,…

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  • how to delete Tumblr account

    How to Delete Tumblr Account

    Tumblr is one of the most colorful actors in the Internet world. Tumblr, the social network and blogging site, has a large user base. Tumblr, founded in 2007 by young New York entrepreneur David Karp, reached 75,000 users within two weeks of the launch. Tumblr, with a valuation of $ 1.1 billion in 2013 after its big debut, was launched by Yahoo! was acquired by. The site, which is estimated to have close to 14 million members in the United States, also has thousands of users in our country. Among these thousands of users will of course be those who…

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  • how to delete badoo account

    How to Delete Badoo Account

    Badoo is a friendship-focused, social sharing platform. Founded in 2006, this social sharing platform allows users to make new friends, get to know new people, share videos and photos and communicate with others. The center of the Badoo site is not far from us. The company resides in Cyprus, US neighbour. According to data dated 18.01.2016, Alexa’s global ranking is the 336 most visited in the internet world. Website In short, Facebook is a popular social sharing platform, although not like Twitter, Instagram. Among the countries that use Badoo the most, France, Italy, Brazil, Poland and Spain make up the…

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  • how to delete wix account

    How to Delete Wix Account

    If you are wondering how to delete Wix account, you should first get to know the platform. Wix is a platform that allows its users to create mobile-friendly, HTML5 sites using its intuitive drag and drop editor . It was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. Wix is ​​headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Approximately 1400 people work in the company that serves the world. The services provided by Wix are used by many people in our country, both paid and free. Some users may want to delete their Wix account for various reasons. We will…

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  • how to delete Coinbase account

    How to Delete Coinbase Account

    How to delete Coinbase account is very important for cryptocurrency investors. Cryptocurrency, one of the new investment tools, attracts everyone’s attention. Here is the focus of attention, new information about Coinbase. How to Delete Coinbase Account in 2022 How to delete Coinbase account? Bitcoin is one of the most popular and widely used crypto-exchange platforms and Coinbase has its own history. The company has become extremely popular over the years, and earned its fortune through trading. Unfortunately, there have been a number of issues with Coinbase over the years, and many users want to delete their accounts. There are both…

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  • how to delete Myfitnesspal account

    How to Delete MyFitnesspal Account

    How to delete MyFitnessPal account is also important for calorie calculation. The site, which also emphasizes healthy nutrition, is followed by many people. You can find the tools for your goals here. How to Delete MyFitnessPal Account in 2022 If you don’t use MyFitnessPal anymore, you may wonder how to delete it. The answer is simple: you can simply sign out of the app and remove it from your phone. To do so, you can use the MyFitnessPal Android app and navigate to its settings menu or help section. From there, you can click on “delete account” and confirm your…

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  • how to delete Tinder account

    How to Delete Tinder Account

    Do you want to forget about Tinder forever? The actions that are carried out on the Internet usually leave a mark, so that at some point some of your data may appear in the so-called “digital garbage”, which is part of all those actions that in its day it was common to perform on the Internet but now they can bother you. It is possible that your passage through various platforms and social networks, as well as your profile photos, circulate for much longer than you can expect, so that at some point the need to delete them will arise to…

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  • how to delete Blizzard account

    How to Delete Blizzard Account

    How to delete Blizzard account is one of the topics that game lovers curiously examine. Your games in one place with Blizzard Entertainment. Let’s examine the content together for the answer to the question of how to delete a Blizzard account. How to Delete Blizzard Account 2022 If you are tired of playing your favorite game but don’t want to pay money for it, you may want to learn how to delete a Blizzard account and you can ask as how can I delete my Blizzard account? The process is fairly simple. First, you should contact the support center. If…

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  • how to delete chegg account

    How to Delete Chegg Account

    How to delete Chegg account is one of the most curious topics. Let’s examine the content to get detailed information about the site that students and teachers are interested in. How to Delete Chegg Account Easily? There are several steps you can take to delete your Chegg account. Firstly you must compose an email. If you’ve paid for a plan and don’t want to continue, you can contact a coordinator to cancel your subscription. After you’ve canceled your subscription, you can then delete your account. However, it may take some time for your account to be deleted. In this case,…

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  • how to delete Hangout account

    How to Delete Hangout Account

    How to delete Hangout account is one of the popular questions asked by messaging app seekers. You can read the content to learn more about this great service from Google. How to Delete Hangout Account in 2022 How to delete Hangout account? The answer depends on how you use the service. If you want to keep all the conversations you have with friends and colleagues, you should log out of your account. After that, you should go to the settings menu and click on the “contacts” tab. Scroll down and tap the “dot” icon to select all the people you…

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