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How to Delete Deviantart Account

How to delete DeviantArt account question is important for art enthusiasts. This topic also covers an important community. Let’s examine the answer together…

How to Delete DeviantArt Account in 2022

You can delete your DeviantArt account and there are ways to deactivate your account. If you’re an artist who’s not satisfied with what you’ve published, you can rename your gallery or even remove it entirely. Just make sure that your user ID and password are stored securely.

You can also remove your user profile from the search engine results if you’d like to keep your work private. Delete your DeviantArt account if you haven’t uploaded any artwork for the last 30 days. How to delete Deviantart account on mobile is also a frequently used question.

Firstly log in to your account to reactivate your account. You can also unsubscribe from the DeviantArt newsletter and mark your emails as spam, which will automatically delete them. The website was founded by Angelo Sotira, Matt Stephens, and Scott Jarkoff in 2004 and currently has over 25 million registered users and over 140,000 submissions per day.

If you’ve decided to delete your DeviantArt account, you’ll have to wait 21 days before you’re allowed to register a new one. However, if you are a member of the website, you can always delete your account.

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If you’ve decided to use a different verification email  email address, you can choose to subscribe to the newsletter. If you decide to remove your account, be sure to delete it completely. If you want to delete your DeviantArt account you must read these steps. Account but after 21 days closed.

Permanently delete is possible too. For that you must say “send me the verification”. Also if there are questions that in your mind as “how do you delete your DeviantArt account” or “how to delete DeviantArt account” or “how do I delete my DeviantArt account” you must read these steps.

If you’re unhappy with your DeviantArt account, you can contact the website’s support team to ask for the deletion of your account. You’ll get a response within 48 hours, and you’ll no longer be able to participate in the community.

If you want to delete your account, you should remember to wait 21 days and do not register for a new one until the end of your current account. You can also delete a loved one’s DeviantArt account if you’ve found out that the person has passed away.

how to delete Deviantart account permanently
how to delete Deviantart account permanently

Steps of Deleting DeviantArt Account

If the person had asked you to do this, you’ll have the option to request the removal of the account, but it’s not a simple process. If you’re unable to remember the username and password, it may be difficult to remove the account. Ideally, you should have a password manager, but if this is not possible, you can contact the person’s family.

If you want to find a answer for “how to delete DeviantArt account” question you must know you can delete your DeviantArt account, but you should do it with caution. This online service may store your personal data on its servers, and you should always be cautious about giving out your personal information.

  • Firstly, you must g oto your account settings that under the personal section.
  • You must click to “Yes, deactivate my account.”
  • There will be a mail for verification.
  • There is a link as “Yes, deactivate my account”.
  • Confirm your deactivation reason to finalize the process.
how to delete Deviantart account easily
how to delete Deviantart account easily

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Join DeviantArt

This is why you must keep your account password safe and protected at all times. Once you have logged in, you can then link your portfolio to your DeviantArt profile. If you have a group on the site, you can delete it too.

Click “deactivate” and close the group. In addition to deleting your DeviantArt account, you can hide it. This will keep your profile and artwork hidden from other members. If you’ve chosen to hide your account, it’s important to note that your account is still active.

Nevertheless, you can reactivate it by using another payment method or changing your username. This will ensure that you don’t leave your art on the site unpublished. If you’re unsure about whether you want to delete your DeviantArt account, you can still keep it.

Although the site doesn’t have the best moderation team, you can still make requests. This is the best way to delete your DeviantArt account. The only disadvantage of deactivating your account is that it’s difficult to reactivate an inactive account.

how to delete Deviantart account
how to delete Deviantart account

Deleting DeviantArt Profile

It’s best to leave it unlocked in order to avoid being banned by the site. Once you’ve deleted your DeviantArt account, you can reactivate it later. But it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t delete your account unless it’s linked to your Facebook or DeviantArt account.

This will prevent you from being able to access your content and will prevent you from creating new ones. The good news is that you can reactivate your DeviantArt account in a matter of days. Once you’ve deactivated your DeviantArt account, you can’t go back.

Fortunately, you can still delete your artwork. Just click on the three-dot icon and type in the username you want to remove. Then, you can choose whether you want to keep your artwork or not. After the 21-day period has passed, your DeviantArt account will be deleted permanently. If you don’t want to delete it, you can also choose to submit a help request and provide proof that you have died.

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