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How to Delete Spotify Account 2022 Permanently

Delete a Spotify Account. It is a Swedish music streaming and podcast service. It has a fairly large library where you can listen to most of the music.

The system can be used by many operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Linux. In addition to computers, portable devices can be accessed through devices using Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, S60, and webOS operating systems.

You can delete your account for personal reasons. We will answer the question ” How to Delete Spotify Account ” in the rest of our article.

How to Delete Spotify Account

  1. Click on the link specified below. https://www.spotify.com/tr/about-us/contact/
  2. On the page that opens, click on the “Contact form” link.
  3. Select “Account” from the options that appear later and continue.
  4. From the tab that appears, click on “I want to permanently delete my Spotify account”.
  5. After answering the question of why Delete Spotify Account , your transaction will be completed.

How do I get out of a Spotify family membership?

  1. Log in to your account page for the first time.
  2. Then click on “CHANGE PLAN” at the back of the plan.
  3. Then scroll down to Spotify Free and click “Cancel PREMIUM”.
  4. Finally, continue until the confirmation message. In this way, you can come out of belonging to the family.

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