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How to Delete Runescape Account

Delete Runescape account: Hey peeps and folks! Are you fell in love with Runescape gameplay? Certainly, yes. Do you wish to start a new account? Otherwise decided to deactivate your existing account? It is necessary to discuss that the deletion procedure of the Runescape account is not uncomplicated.

Yes, You can not implicitly delete the Runescape inside the platform. But still, we have only one possible way to delete the Runescape account. In this article, we are going to handle the simplified technique of deleting the account. So, let’s begin reading till completion of this article.

Runescape Account

Basically, Runescape is among the subsets of MMORPG games from Jagex Gaming Studio. The precise growth of the MMORPG is an Enormously Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Certainly, Runescape is among the most popular gameplay among 250 million users. It grabs players and stimulates their interest in video gaming.

Despite the fact that it has plenty of user base, lots of people looking for a service to shutting off the account. Because the designer of the gameplay didn’t fix the choices like shutting down or delete your account.

Most importantly, as soon as you attempt to disable the Runescape account completely, it is a long-term process. Keep it in your mind that you have to be sure about the choice relating to deactivation. Once you proceed with the removal, you are not able to access the account thereafter. After the decision, you can act on the upcoming criteria.

How to Delete the Runescape Account Completely?

how to delete Runescape account
how to delete Runescape account

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Have you surfed the whole portal? I understand, you might not find any choice inside the website concerning closing the account. So, we are going to compose an e-mail to the supportive group of Runescape. That is Jagex!

Yes, The designers of Runescape are concealed behind the Jagex team. We have to contact them just through the email id. We will recommend the template for you to making up an e-mail listed below.

  • ACTION 1: Firstly, take your mobile or PC with a web internet browser center. Online browser, go into the official website of the Jagex support Centre.
  • ACTION 2: Secondly, track & follow the link on the Jagex page to “Make a Subject Access Request”.
  • ACTION 3: Soon, Jagex will redirects you to a different page and triggers you to log in with the Runescape account information.
    KEEP IN MIND: You must enter the exact same email id that you have used for registering an account in the Runescape portal.
  • ACTION 4: Next, tap the login button and enter the username & other qualifications.
  • ACTION 5: And then, you need to follow up the on-screen monitor guidelines to end up the Jagex Assistance kind.
  • ACTION 6: Now, you need to inform the assistance team. Go into the legitimate factor concerning the elimination of your individual details filed in the Runescape account.
  • ACTION 7: Importantly, your factor assists the support team to manage the deleting process even quicker. So, the reason why you wish to shut down the Runescape account is more important than anything.
  • ACTION 8: Now, relax and wait on a while. It takes a minimum of thirty days (1 month) to read and solve your request even more.
  • ACTION 9: As quickly as the team destroys your account, you will get an email verification to the registered e-mail address.

Keep the message or e-mail safe for more clarifications. That’s all. Now, your profile is no longer on the Runescape website. Afterward, your account is suggested to be irrevocably disabled. Furthermore, you will not discover any single possibility to allow your account thereafter.

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delete Runescape account
delete Runescape account


Is it possible to delete the Runescape account immediately?

Unfortunately, you can not end up the deleting process within one minute or one day. However, it will take a while to get an appropriate action from the Runescape side. Hence, irreversible deletion is possible but instant deletion is impossible right now.

For how long it will take to delete the Runescape account permanently?

As soon as you compose an email to the Jagex assistance team, they will take action within one month. In case of complex circumstances, they will hold off the waiting period to almost 90 days. Nevertheless, your response duration could be a minimum of 1 month and an optimum of 90 days from the date you have actually done the demand.


Shall we wrap up? Deleting/deactivating your existence in the Runescape video gaming environment is not a huge thing. However, you have to be more powerful in your decision. Once you choose to delete Runescape permanently, you can not recover the shut down account.

And likewise, compose the true reason that you have actually faced while using the Runescape. So, the team will consider your factor and start to deactivation procedure as soon as possible.

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