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How to Delete USPS Account

Delete USPS Account: In the Ancient period, How can we pass the messages to somebody? Do you ever consider it? If yes, you might get a response. Mainly, we use the postal method to send out a message. Still, this approach is accessible, a great deal of post-service are offered now. Among those services, USPS is among them.

USPS is abbreviated as United States Postal Service, it is likewise referred to as Postal Service, Post Office, U.S.Mail. In the United States, it is an independent company of the United States Federal Government. It is available in insular locations as well as Associated states. USPS supplies a great deal of services to its clients. But, in some cases you may wish to delete your USPS account due to some factors like spam messages.

Many people request to delete their account from USPS because of getting spam and suspicious mail from USPS however really they are not sending out anything. Another issue is they moved from the place. Otherwise, getting numerous ad mails. So, they wish to leave the USPS. To leave from the USPS account, keep reading the below-given treatment.

How to Delete USPS Account?

delete USPS account
delete USPS account

You can not straight delete the USPS Account from their database. There are 2 various ways are readily available to delete your account. The first option is you can send out an email to the USPS and demand to delete your USPS account. Another one is, you can directly contact their center. To find out the treatment to delete your account from the USPS database, make use of the following guide.

How to Delete USPS Account by sending e-mail?

You can quickly send an email with a legitimate factor. To produce and send out an email to USPS for deleting your account from their database, follow the below-given guide.

  • Action 1: Initially, To develop an e-mail, you have to visit to the email that you utilized to register your USPS account. Here, there is no obsession to use the exact same email address to send out an email. Definitely, you can utilize any other email address however remember you need to add all the correct information about your USPS account in the body of the mail..
  • Action 2: Now create an e-mail and utilize this address privacy@usps.gov to send a mail.
  • Action 3: After that, On the Topic, write down Ask For Account Deletion or USPS Account Removal. It will help to find the classification of the mail quickly.
  • Action 4: Then, write the valid factor and request to delete your account in the body of the e-mail.

That’s all you can send out an e-mail to the USPS. And await their reaction.

how to delete USPS account
how to delete USPS account

How to Delete USPS Account utilizing USPS Contact Us Page?

With the Contact United States page, you can easily send a demand to USPS. This is a simple procedure. If you do not want to send out an e-mail, you can utilize the below optional approach.

  • Action 1: Firstly, you need to go to the USPS authorities site and log in to your USPS account.
  • Action 2: Now, pick the Assistance alternative at the top of your screen.
  • Action 3: Then, select the Email United States choice.
  • Action 4: Click the USPS.com button.
  • Action 5: Select My Online Account.
  • Action 6: Now, enter your username on the right bar.
  • Action 7: Can you tell us more about your Online Account problem? dropdown bar, select Profile.
  • Action 8: Then, select the present date on the date bar.
  • Action 9: After that, In the Additional Details column, jot down a factor and request to delete your account.
  • Action 10: Then, click the Next button.
  • Action 11: Now, you will get a type, on the kind enter all your individual details..
  • Action 12: After that, choose the Next button to relocate to the next page.
  • Action 13: Before submitting the form, evaluation all your offered info are right and confirm.
  • Action 14: Lastly, click the Submit button to send a demand to USPS.


Can I Delete USPS Account?

Yes, you can delete your USPS account. However, this is not a direct approach, so you have to send out an e-mail to USPS or contact USPS directly.


USPS is among the postal services in the United States. To eliminate yourself from USPS, you can use the above-given simple procedure. Deleting your USPS account has two different types. Also, you can get in touch with USPS and demand them to delete your account from USPS. Otherwise, you can directly send an email to USPS and point out the legitimate reason that why you wish to leave from USPS.

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