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How to Delete Amazon Account

Amazon is one of the leading internet sales companies, for shopping, offering multiple products and a fast delivery service. Of course, it also has its black dots, and it is in this article that you will discover how to delete your Amazon account .

Before starting, keep in mind that if you have an active subscription , a pending purchase or, ultimately, a  charge that still needs to be charged, they will not let you deactivate your account, so you will have to first cancel any of the services mentioned (also account for  Amazon Prime ).

How to Delete Amazon Account

  • Go to the  main Amazon website, depending on your country of origin and  log in with your data .
  • Since you are inside, go to the orders tab and see if you have any pending, for the aforementioned,  if you can cancel it , and if not, you must wait to proceed to the next step.
  • Click on the  “Help” tab  and scroll down to where it says  “Do you need more help?”  followed by  “Contact us”  which will appear on the right hand side.
  • You will see several tabs. Go to  “Prime and others” and under  “Tell us about your problem”  choose  “Update your account information” .
  • A putting  “Close Account”  in the drop – down below you will see the option to  contact the service to the customer  of  Amazon  via chat, email or phone.
  • When you talk to them, they will tell you the deadlines that are needed to  delete your Amazon account .

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Can I delete my Amazon account if I have lost my password?

If you have lost your  access to Amazon , the easiest way to delete your account is to  reset your password :

  • At the login, click on  “Forgot your password?”
  • It will ask for your  phone number or email , or if you cannot access them, they will send you to customer service, if you click below.
  • Choose according to your needs, in any case they will send you a  code to your mobile / email .

Enter it on the screen that follows and they will let you enter  Amazon or create a new password, as needed.

To continue, you just need to follow the steps above and you will be able to delete your Amazon account.

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