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How to delete Wish Account

We’ve been getting the question of how to delete Wish account a lot lately. We recommend that you read the page to the end for the shortest way to delete your Wish account.

Wunsch is an American online e-commerce platform that enables transactions between sellers and buyers. Wish; It is a shopping application. In this application that sells products from many categories such as clothing, shoes and household products.

Who Makes Wish Belong In? Founded by Whom?

Wish Piotr was founded by Szulczewski and Danny Zhang. Wish, ContextLogic Inc. It is operated from San Francisco, USA. You can log into the Wish app with your Google account or create a new account. When you log into the application, you first indicate your age and who you are shopping for. After entering this information, you will see free products in the form of a gift.

However, if you select your product and continue, there is a flat shipping fee of 7.50 TL for the Wish application. You will need to enter your card information. If you don’t want to, you can skip it by tapping “No thanks” in the top right corner. In the Wish application, you’ll see popular products first on your home page. You can shop from these popular products.

how to delete wish account easily
how to delete wish account easily

When was Wish it founded?

Wish was founded in 2010. Above you will find categories such as Brands, Recently Viewed Products, Homeware, Fashion, Shoes, Makeup and Beauty, Wallets and Bags, Tops, Bottoms, Accessories, Watches, Phone Updates, Home Decor, Gadgets, Babies and Children, Hobbies, Silver Jewelry . If you tap on one of these categories, the products belonging to that category will be displayed.

Below the products you can see both the prices and the number of people who bought this product. To shop, move the mouse pointer over the desired product and touch the “Buy” button at the bottom right. Rather than relying on a search bar format, the platform uses browsing technologies that visually personalize the purchase for each customer. Sellers can list their products on Wish and sell them directly to consumers. Wish works with payment service providers to process payments and does not store any products themselves or manage returns.

How to Delete Wish Account Permanently

  1. If you want to delete your Wish account, first log in to the want.com website.
  2. – After logging in, we click on Click to go to the user settings page.
  3. At the bottom of the screen that opens, we click on the text “Delete account“.
  4. – “Are you sure? Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? We will click the “Yes” button after reading the “Notification” and delete our account.

On this page, we answered the question of how to delete Wish account. If you have different kinds of questions, you can send them to us in the comment field below.

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