How to Delete Gmail Account

When it comes to deleting an account, social media usually comes to mind.

While there are thousands of people who want to delete Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, the number of people wondering how to delete Gmail account / Google account is quite high. Here is how to delete Gmail account? The answer to the question!

In general, those who do not like the username, ie the e-mail address, perform the Google account deletion, close their old account and open a new account.

In this context, after our guides for social media accounts such as Instagram deletion and Facebook deletion, we are here with the Gmail deletion guide. Here are the steps you need to follow to perform Google account deletion;

How to Delete Gmail Account in 2022

How to delete a Gmail account? We should warn about something before answering the question. Unlike social media accounts, when you delete your Google account, you cannot use the username again.

To give an example: When you delete the @gmail address, nobody will be able to get this address even after years. Of course you too

how to delete Gmail account
how to delete Gmail account
  • First, let’s sign in with our Gmail / Google account by going to or clicking here .
  • Click on the ” Manage Your Data and Personalization ” option under the ” Privacy and Personalization ” section on the page that opens.
  • After clicking the “Delete a service or your account” option under the heading ” Download, delete your data or create a plan for your data “, four different options will appear.
  • To completely delete the Google account, you need to click on the Delete Your Account option in the Delete Your Google Account section .
  • Now we are at the final stage, after entering your password, you will have successfully completed the Gmail account deletion.

Things to be careful about in Gmail deletion!

If you use this address on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, especially banking services , Gmail account deletion will be a big problem for you. For this reason, it is possible to perform this process after defining a different e-mail address for all accounts.

It is up to you to do or not to perform transactions that are extremely burdensome and that seem to be damaging in the future; However, if you have a virus-free Gmail address that has not been captured by hackers, hackers, we may suggest that you choose to keep your current address.

Was our Gmail account deletion guide helpful for you? We are waiting your comments…

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