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How to Delete Hangout Account

How to delete Hangout account is one of the popular questions asked by messaging app seekers. You can read the content to learn more about this great service from Google.

How to Delete Hangout Account in 2022

How to delete Hangout account? The answer depends on how you use the service. If you want to keep all the conversations you have with friends and colleagues, you should log out of your account. After that, you should go to the settings menu and click on the “contacts” tab.

Scroll down and tap the “dot” icon to select all the people you want to remove from your contact list. After clicking on this option, you should see a list of all the contacts you have on the service. On Android devices, you can sign out of the Hangouts application by navigating to the Menu or Down arrow.

Then, click on Manage Accounts Google. You can then select your Hangouts account. After logging out, you can delete the conversations you’ve had with your contacts. To remove your conversations, go to the Delete Conversations menu in the left side of the web browser and click on the x in the top left corner.

To delete the entire conversation history, you can sign out of the Hangouts application and sign out of your Google account. Make sure you sign out of your Gmail account first before you try this. On both mobile and desktop versions of the app, you can click on the ‘Edit Conversations’ tab.

Messaging App Hangouts

From there, you can also change the ‘Everyone can invite’ option to ‘Cannot’. Changing this setting will automatically remove the conversation history for both ends of the conversation. Once you’ve signed out, you can use your new Google account to sign into Hangouts again.

After logging in, you can change the invitation settings and delete conversations. If you have many conversations, you can even create new accounts. You can then add the same people and invite them to your new ones. After all, it’s easier to manage your hangouts account than it is to manage all your different accounts.

If you’re using your Gmail account, you must sign out of the hangouts before you can delete it. If you don’t want to have your conversations deleted, you should change the ‘everyone’ option to ‘all other users’. By doing this, you’ll get rid of all the conversations you had with your friends.

You can also edit the ‘everyone else’ option to delete messages to your friends. If you want to cancel your Hangouts account and want to learn the answers of “how to delete Google Hangouts account”, “how to delete Hangout account” or “how do I delete my Hangouts account” you must read this content.

how to delete Hangout account easily
how to delete Hangout account easily

Steps of Deleting Hangouts Account

Also, you can find the answer of “how to delete Hangout account from Gmail” question too.

  • Firstly, Open the Hangouts app on your Android phone or tablet.
  • At the top left you can see the Menu you must tap it.
  • Tap to Down arrow
  • Go to Manage Accounts Google
  • At the top right corner tap more and remove account.
how to delete Hangout account permanently
how to delete Hangout account permanently

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Messaging Service from Google

To  delete your Google Hangouts and a Hangouts conversation, you need to sign out of the account you’re using. To do this, you need to sign in to your Google account. In the main menu, you can select the ‘Delete Conversation’ option.

Similarly, you can also choose ‘Delete All Conversations’ to delete all conversations. Then, you can change the ‘Everyone else can send invitations’ option to ‘all people’. Eventually, you can choose to remove all conversations or just close the Hangouts.

You can also delete conversations if you use a Gmail account. The question of How do I permanently delete my Hangouts account is also frequently asked. Remove Google Hangouts is an easy process. If you want to force stop the pre installed Hangout you must remove Google Hangouts.

To delete a conversation, you should choose the option that says ‘exclude all but Gmail users’. If you want to delete a conversation, you need to do it from the other party’s side. This way, you can avoid future issues with the same conversations.

how to delete Hangout account
how to delete Hangout account

Deleting Hangouts Profile

After deleting conversations, you should choose the option that will keep them in your Gmail. You can delete the conversations you’ve had with friends on Google Hangout. After you’ve done this, you can delete the photos and images you’ve created in your Hangout account.

In addition, you can delete the images and videos you’ve posted with other people on your Google account. By using this method, you’ll be able to delete all the pictures you’ve made with other people. But, how do you delete a Hangout account without a Gmail account?

To remove Hangouts, you should first sign out of your Gmail account. Then, you should delete the app itself. You’ll be able to do this from any device you own. To delete your Google account, you must sign out of Hangouts and you must delete Hangouts chat.

The app is available on desktop and mobile devices. Besides removing the conversations, you can also delete the images. If you want to remove the images, you should change the option ‘cannot send invitations to everyone’.

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