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How to Delete Foursquare & Swarm Accounts

Foursquare is a location-based social networking application founded in 2009. Founded by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, Foursquare is available on many platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Symbian, Bada and MeeGo.

Foursquare users can make location notifications and comment on the venue in their locations. Recently, Foursquare has made a location notification from the Swarm app, which it publishes on-site.

Although not as common as other social networks, there are many users who want to delete their accounts from the Foursquare and Swarm apps, which are quite popular in our country. In this title, we will help users who want to delete their Foursquare and Swarm accounts.

How to delete a Foursquare and Swarm account?

Before you can delete your account, you must be able to log in to your account. Now we can start deleting Foursquare and Swarm accounts.

First Foursquare.com we open the website and log in with our username and password. Then we click on the Foursquare and Swarm account deletion link below.

Foursquare and Swarm account deletion link: https://tr.foursquare.com/delete_me
Clicking on the link above will lead you to a page where you will complete the account deletion. You can delete your account by clicking the “Delete Account” button on this page.

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Step-By-Step Narration

  • Foursquare.com log in to your account via.
  • Click on your name in the top right and click on the ‘Settings’ tab from the drop-down page.
  • Click the ‘privacy settings’ link on the settings page.
  • “We’d be very upset if we saw him go, but you could easily delete his account, ” he said on
  • the privacy page.” Click to this sentence.
  • Read the alerts on the pop-up page and click the ‘Delete Account’ button.

Remember, when you delete your Foursquare account, your Swarm account will also be deleted. After deleting your account, all your data will be deleted so that it will never be used again. This issue definitely notice.

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