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How to Delete Kik Account

KIK is a messaging platform that has ended up being increasingly preferred because of its practical features. For lots of people, it is appealing to be able to create without limits and that the messages continue to be hidden within the application.

Nevertheless, if after trying it you have the need to delete your profile and you don’t understand how to do it, this blog post is for you: How to delete Kik account.

What you Must Know Before How to Delete KIK account.

how to delete kik account permanently
how to delete kik account permanently
  • Before deleting your KIK account, there are some truths that you need to recognize. Thus, you will be much better prepared as well as this details will certainly not take you by surprise.
  • You will not be able to access your account once more: if you delete it permanently, you will not be able to log in again. If you later intend to utilize the solution once more, you will certainly have to develop a brand-new account.
  • There is the possibility to deactivate your account briefly: if you do not intend to delete it completely, the system enables you to deactivate it for a while. Later on in this article, we’ll show you just how.
  • Nobody will be able to call you via the application: when you remove your account completely, your recognition data will be lost, to ensure that other individuals will not be able to discover you or send you messages. You will certainly likewise not receive any more emails from the application.
  • You will no more remain in the contact checklists: your profile will certainly be immediately deleted from the contact lists of all your close friends on the system.
  • This procedure does not uninstall the application: after erasing your account, the KIK application will certainly continue to be mounted on your mobile phone. You will have to uninstall it later.

Now that you understand this details, you are ready to safely delete your account.

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how to delete Kik account easily
how to delete Kik account easily

Delete KIK account or Briefly Deactivate it?

As we introduced earlier in this write-up, the KIK system allows you to momentarily deactivate your account.

This option is ideal if you only intend to rest for some time from the application without eliminating the opportunity of returning later. To do so, you simply need to follow these actions:

If you want to deactivate your account instead of deleting it, you have to follow the steps you will see in the image.




  • Open your web browser.

Enter the page to shut down KIK accounts through the following link: https://ws.kik.com/deactivate
Compose the e-mail related to your account and also press the “Go!” Switch. When you do this, the system will certainly send you an email to the address you went into.
Enter your e-mail and open the e-mail sent by KIK.
In the web content of the obtained e-mail, press the button that states “Deactivate”.

After this, your account will certainly be shut off. If you later wish to trigger it again, you simply need to log in again.

  • Steps to comply with to delete your KIK carrier account.

If you have already read what you ought to recognize before erasing your account and have determined that you will not deactivate it momentarily but delete it forever, after that this is the procedure you ought to adhere to.

  • Go to the KIK account deletion web page.

Open the web browser and also go into the web page that the system has offered for the elimination of accounts. You simply need to follow the adhering to web link: https://ws.kik.com/delete.

  • Enter your details.
  • The system will request your username and also e-mail address.
  • Indicate why you want to delete your account.
  • Select among the alternatives from the drop-down menu.
  • Create an additional comment.
  • You can create a much more comprehensive talk about why you wish to close your account. However, this alternative is not obligatory, you can leave this area empty.
  • Inspect the checkbox.
  • By doing this, you are verifying that you recognize the effects of deleting your account.
  • Press the “Go!” Switch.
  • To continue, you just have to push the “Go!” Switch. By doing so, you will get an email with the details to delete your account.
  • Open the message sent out by KIK.
  • Enter your e-mail to see the message sent out by KIK. If you do not see it in your inbox, bear in mind to seek it in the Spam folder also.
  • Click “Permanently Deactivate.”.
  • In the body of the gotten e-mail, you will certainly see a switch that states “Completely Shut off”, which suggests “Permanently Deactivate”. Click there to complete the procedure.

Congratulations! Currently you understand exactly how to delete KIK account permanently, as well as you additionally understand how to briefly deactivate it if you favor.

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