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How to Delete Telegram Account

After the expansion of  WhatsApp  as a  messaging app , other free apps emerged with many more security options, such as Telegram. Of course,  deleting the Telegram account  is a simple process, which  we will explain to you in this guide .

Permanently Delete my Telegram Account

It is possible to  completely delete your Telegram account , so that no data is saved. Let’s remember that it is associated with your mobile device, so it is important that you check if some of your contacts are correctly added on your SIM card and not only on Telegram .

Start by going to  this link and add your  number associated with Telegram , confirming in “Next”.

You will receive in your  Telegram a code of numbers and letters that you must enter in the previous window.

how to delete Telegram account
how to delete Telegram account

After that, you will see something like the one shown in the image, which asks you in English if you really want to  delete the Telegram account . Confirm with “Done”.

Once you press the above, there is no going back, your account will disappear, but not your group messages. Also, your contacts will receive a notification when you create a new Telegram account  , in case they have your number added.

It should be noted that, if  you do not connect to Telegram in 6 months , your account is automatically deleted , without the need for the previous process.

The alternative that you have left is to access the  deactivation link through the Web

And perform the same steps as before, since you will be  able to access your Telegram account  without any problem.

Of course, when you try to enter the first time, it will send you an  activation code to your mobile . Keep this in mind in case you have lost the terminal.

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how to delete a Telegram account
how to delete a Telegram account

Delete Telegram from Android and iOS

To  delete the application  from your phone, just proceed as you would with any other:

Click on the  Telegram icon  in the applications menu and you will either get the option to “Uninstall” ( Android ) or a red cross ( iOS ).

Drag or tap respectively and  Telegram will be completely removed  from your device; To delete your account you will have to perform the previous steps.

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