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How to Delete Skype Account

Skype is a software that allows you to communicate with people for free and for a fee over the Internet. Skype, which offers messaging, voice and video calls, opened its first beta version to users in August 2003.

Skype, which became increasingly common, was acquired by eBay in 2005. Acquired by Microsoft in 2011, Skype today serves millions of users worldwide.

How To Delete Skype Account in 2022

There are many who want to leave this video conferencing, VoIP and instant messaging software with millions of users. In this title, we will help users who want to delete their Skype account for various reasons.

Unfortunately, there are no account deletion links that we can share with you on Skype. But don’t worry! After we change your Skype information, we will ask Skype support to delete our account. First Skype.com log in to your account via. After logging in to your account, click the profile Edit link below.

Profile Editing link: https://secure.skype.com/portal/profile

how to delete Skype account
how to delete Skype account

Click the ‘Edit’ button from the drop-down page. After clicking the Edit button, change all the information randomly, such as first name, last name, phone number, email address, gender and city.

For example, you can also type ‘PPPP’ instead of ‘qqqq’ instead of your first name. You can also change other parts randomly.

After all this, no one will find you on Skype. You don’t need to delete your Skype account after you do this, but if you still want to delete it http://www.skype.com/go/contactcs contact Skype customer service by clicking on this link.

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Select the “Deleting an account” option for the topic. Then, tell the customer representative that you want to delete your account. This will permanently delete your Skype account. If you have a problem with deleting a Skype account other than what is described on this page, you can contact us at the ‘support and Contact’ link above.

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